Community Newsletter: Building a clean economy means embracing change

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The crisis we face with climate change demands action, not hopeful words. That is why so many of our children are speaking out. They want a future to be excited about. So do I.

We must embrace change.

Clean BC is a plan for this change. It’s our government’s plan to transform our economy. It is about taking action.

We’re investing in public transit and active transportation. These are critically important, but we know that some people can’t use these options because of where they live or where they work. We all need alternatives.

For example, our government just took an important step when it tabled the Zero-Emissions Vehicles Act in the Legislature last month. Transportation is the source of nearly 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. With this legislation, automakers will be required to meet targets for sales of zero-emission vehicles. This will increase the supply of zero-emission vehicles in a variety of makes and models and help lower the price for all car buyers.

And until that price comes down, we will be offering incentives for the purchase of Zero-Emission Vehicles, and for home and workplace charging stations under B.C.’s clean energy vehicle program.

This is how we make this transition, so that people are not left behind. It’s how we build an economy that is not only environmentally sustainable, but sustains people here across our province. It’s about looking ahead.

The clean energy sector is projected to create jobs at four times the rate of the rest of the economy. Companies here in British Columbia are ready to lead. It’s why we’re also reaching out and working with our partners to create a clean energy grid. Together, Washington State and B.C. have an abundance of hydroelectricity. It’s a regional competitive advantage.

Our government’s CleanBC plan and our Clean Grid Initiative with Washington State are helping to ensure our province rises to the climate challenge. Working together, we can aggressively electrify, maximize our regional advantages and build a sustainable economy that works for everyone.

Taking action won’t be easy. It requires a plan for action like CleanBC. There is still much to do, but this is a future that our children can be excited, not scared, about. I’m proud that our government is acting now. That’s where the real hope is.

Thanks, Rick

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