Community Newsletter: Happy holidays! There’s a lot to celebrate!

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It’s good to be back from Victoria and in our community for the holidays. I’m looking forward to the chance to meet with many of you at holiday events here at home.

We achieved a lot in the Legislature this fall. We’re working to make life here better and more affordable with increased services. We’re strengthening our economy by investing in innovation and working with our partners both here at home and south of the border. For the first time in 40 years, our province no longer has an operating deficit.

As part of our 30-point plan to deal with BC’s housing crisis, we’re funding the building of more rental homes.  This includes affordable new units right here in the Tri-Cities.

“We’re tackling climate change and protecting the environment we all depend upon. We’re making changes to how environmental assessments are carried out to protect our public interests and respect the rights of First Nations. We’ve brought in targets for increasing the numbers of zero-emission vehicles. It’s about restoring public trust and safeguarding our children’s future.

We brought in legislation for safe, fair and accessible ride-hailing services, doing more in one year to make this a reality than the previous government did in five.

We’ve eliminated MSP premiums, effective this January 1st.

We repealed two laws passed by the previous government that led to the layoff of 10,000 healthcare workers – the largest lay off of women workers in Canadian history. This will help to improve the lives of seniors and all patients by enhancing the quality and continuity of the care they receive by ending the contract flipping and disruption in health care.

And we restored the BC Human Rights Commission. Removed in 2002, BC has been the only province without one.

To everyone who has reached out to share their ideas – thank you. Your feedback keeps me grounded in the needs of our communities. You are helping our government to make better decisions for all of us.

Happy holidays, Rick

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