Community Newsletter: It’s been a busy year (and my new office is opening)

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Last week marked one year since the provincial election. It’s been a busy year.

There’s a lot of change. And there’s a lot more to change. But we are working hard to make life better for British Columbians.

I’m advocating for BC’s vibrant tech industry. Reaching out across borders, I’m working with our west coast partners on trade and transportation. We’re also working together to protect our shared coastal environment. It is vital to both maintaining and growing our economies.

Across the province, we’re tearing down roadblocks to education with more funding for adult basic education. And we’re adding more spaces for in-demand technology programs and for early childhood education.

To make life more affordable, we’ve cut MSP fees – and are going to end them. We’re also eliminating PharmaCare deductibles for lower-income families.

Closer to home, I’m working to make life better and more affordable for our families right here. Our new Playground Equipment Program, announced last week, will fund a new playground at Moody Middle School. Coquitlam’s Dr. Charles Best Secondary is receiving a grant for needed upgrades. 24 new school-age childcare spaces are opening at the Port Moody Art Centre with a grant from the province. And a new affordable 55-unit housing project has the go ahead, thanks to our government partnering with the United Church.

There’s a lot happening, but there’s still a lot of work we have to do.

My thanks to everyone for their support and ideas. We’re all in this together.

Thanks, Rick

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