Community Newsletter: Standing up for our coastal economy, our jobs, our environment

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Our economy is broad, diverse and strong. It’s more than one single project or a single company. We need to invest in growing these strengths.

We can grow by supporting innovation across a broad spectrum of sectors in this province. Just in clean tech, we have 13 companies in Canada on the top 100 list. Almost half of those are right here in BC.

We also have a duty to protect the tens of thousands of BC jobs in industries like fisheries, film, tourism and recreation. We have a duty to work towards meaningful reconciliation with First Nations.

We believe people should have a say in what happens in their communities. That’s why we want to consult British Columbians about the transport of diluted bitumen over our rivers and streams by rail car, tanker or pipeline. That’s why our government is preparing a court reference to confirm our rights within our provincial jurisdiction.

Premier Horgan is right – you can’t put a price on who you are. Our coastal environment is essential to who we are as communities now and for future generations of British Columbians – our children and grandchildren.
Thanks, Rick

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