Community Newsletter: Supporting innovation in the clean-tech sector

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With summer officially behind us and nature powerfully forcing the descent of autumn leaves, the Fall session at BC Legislature has formally started. We are back in Victoria to continue delivering our promise of making BC a better place for British Columbians. I’ve been listening to the concerns that people have in the community. I feel more motivated than ever to represent the people of Port Moody – Coquitlam. I read your emails. I listened to you on the phone, and I met with some of you at our community office. Your feedback empowered me to feel as determined as one can be for making a difference.

I was excited to start the session by moving a private members motion on Innovation in Clean Technology Sector. There are over 270 clean-tech companies in BC representing 30 percent of Canada’s clean-tech sector. Seven of these companies were recognized on the 2018 Global Cleantech top 100 list. Clean-tech companies generate almost $3 billion in revenue annually. They play a significant role in delivering the promising ideas of clean-tech for our globe.

I am honored to be delivering the role of parliamentary secretary for our government. Our government supports sustainability by stimulating investments in the clean-technology sector. Our government delivers the promise of a better BC by providing funding for the development of clean energy projects. In this year’s budget, a percentage of the industry paid BC carbon tax was dedicated towards incentivizing cleaner operations and reduced emissions. Over 500 new clean-tech-related spaces at SFU and UNBC were created. We are consulting with industry associates, researchers the public, our Climate Change and Clean Growth Advisory Council and Indigenous groups. In doing so we gear up for the future of our province and step up to our role in achieving BC’s climate change mitigation goals. The consultation will result in a renewed clean growth strategy this fall. The results will produce some of the best-paying, long-term and sustainable jobs for British Columbians. We are helping reduce carbon emissions and protect our environment. I am proud to be serving in a province that supports clean-tech companies that can potentially revolutionize the future of our globe.

I recently did a tour at one of these clean-tech companies called Carbon Engineering located in Squamish. Their invention implements a technology that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide, and converts it into clean transportation fuels. This is done at an unprecedented cost efficiency rates compared to other existing facilities. I am proud to work for a government that supports innovation in the clean-tech sector.

Thanks, Rick

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