Community Newsletter: When we fight for what we love, we win

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Our kids, families and homes, our neighbours and communities – what we love matters. It’s what drives us on housing, childcare and health and seniors care. It’s why I’m so excited by yesterday’s throne speech.

We are ready for a new direction.

We’re ready for new measures to tackle speculation, the supply of homes and rights for renters. We’re ready to create spaces and train staff for affordable childcare. It’s about security for our families and the opportunities of a life people can afford.

It’s fair wages for B.C.’s lowest-paid workers and our first-ever Poverty Reduction Strategy. It’s investing in both old and young, in health, education and services across government.

With the tech sector, I’m excited about growth that’s both shared and sustainable. We have a new Innovation Commissioner. We are adding new tech-related spaces at our colleges and universities. We’re investing in infrastructure that will help us reduce emissions. Growth doesn’t have to risk our coast or the jobs that sustain our communities.

Yes, it’s ambitious. But when we fight for what we love, we win. That’s why I’m even more excited about our government’s first budget next week.

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